Kastellakis Andreas Associate Professor in Physiological Psychology


Kastellakis Andreas

Associate Professor in Physiological Psychology

 kastelakisAndreas Kastellakis received his Bachelor’s Degree (1980), and his Ph.D. (1987) from the Department of Biology, University of Patras, Greece. His doctoral dissertation focused on the uptake of thyroid hormones by the developing and adult rat brain.

He was appointed as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology, University of Crete (1989-1992), where he was elected Lecturer in 1992, Assistant Professor in 1998 and Associate Professor in 2006.  He has collaboration with the Graduate Program in Neuroscience of the University of Crete.  His main interests are focused on the study of dopaminergic interactions with other neuroactive  and /or psychotropic substances (thyroid hormones, somatostatin, opioids, psychostimulants).  His studies involve anatomical, neurochemical, pharmacological and behavioural aspects of brain function.

Andreas Kastellakis has been the author of the English-Greek Glossary of Biopsychology. (Ellin, 2002). He has translated and co-edited in Greek the textbooks “Biological Psychology” (J.W. Kalat) “Molecules and Mental Illness” (S. Barondes), “Rehabilitation of Neuropsychological Disorders: A Practical Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals” (B. Johnstone, & H.H. Stonnington), “An Introduction to Brain and Behavior” (B. Kolb & I.Q. Whishaw), “Biopsychology” (J.P.J. Pinel) and “Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination” (H. Goodglass, E. Kaplan, & B. Baressi). He has published many scientific papers in Greek and international peer-review journals and 4 book chapters and has received about 350 citations.

Selected Publications:

  1. Thermos, K., Radke, J., Kastellakis, A., Anagnostakis, Y., & Spyraki, C. (1996). Dopamine-somatostatin interactions in the rat striatum: An in vivo microdialysis study. Synapse 22, 209-216.
  2. Panagis, G., Kastellakis, A., & Spyraki, C. (1998). Involvement of the ventral tegmental area opiate receptors in self-stimulation elicited from the ventral pallidum. Psychopharmacology 139, 222-229.
  3. Panagis G., Kastellakis A., Spyraki C. & Nomikos G.G (2000) Effects of methyllycaconitine (MLA), an alpha 7 nicotinic receptor antagonist, on nicotine- and cocaine- induced potentiation of brain stimulation reward, Psychopharmacology, 149, 388-396.
  4. Marazioti, A., Kastellakis, A., Antoniou, K., Papasava, D., & Thermos, K. (2005) Somatostatin Receptors in the ventral pallidum/substantia innominata modulate rat locomotor activity. Psychopharmacology 181(2), 319-326.
  5. Santis, S., Kastellakis, A., Kotzamani, D., Pitarokoili, K., Kokona, D., & Thermos, K. (2009). Somatostatin increases rat locomotor activity by activating sst2 and sst4 receptors in the striatum and via glutamatergic involvement. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 379(2), 181-189.
  6. Panagis, G., & Kastellakis, A. (2002). The effects of ventral tegmental administration of GABAA, GABAB, NMDA and AMPA receptor agonists on ventral pallidum self-stimulation. Behavioural Brain Research 131, 115-123.