Stella Giakoumaki, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology


Stella G. Giakoumaki

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

Department of Psychology, University of Crete

Stella G. Giakoumaki Stella Giakoumaki received her BSc in Psychology from the Department of Psychology in the University of Crete (1998), her MSc in Neuroscience (2001) and her PhD (2005) from the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Crete. For the years 2005-2006 she was an honorary post-doctorate researcher in the Section of Neurobiology of Psychosis, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, where she also completed her training in Neuropsychology. Since 2007 until June 2010 she worked as a psychologist in the Psychiatric Clinic of the University General Hospital in Heraklion, Crete. In June 2010 she was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology in the University of Crete, where she stills works. She is a full member of the MSc program in Neuroscience of the University of Crete. She has been honored with important scholarships and awards for her studies and her research and she has important collaborations with universities in the USA. Her research interests refer to the following:

  • Endophenotypic markers of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.
  • Neuropsychology of sensorimotor gating.  
  • The effects of schizotypy on cognitive functions in populations at high-risk for schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and in populations without predisposing factors.

Stella Giakoumaki so far has published 43 scientific papers in high-impact international peer-reviewed journals and 4 papers in Greek peer-reviewed journals. So far, her published work has received more than 770 hetero-citations in the international literature.

Selected publications

  1. Karagiannopoulou L., Karamaouna P., Zouraraki C., Roussos P., Bitsios P., Giakoumaki S.G. (2016) Cognitive profiles of schizotypal dimensions in a community cohort: common properties of differential manifestations. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, in press.
  2. Giakoumaki S.G. (2016) Emotion processing deficits in the different dimensions of psychometric schizotypy. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 57(3), 256-270.  
  3. Giakoumaki S.G., Karagiannopoulou L., Rózsa S., Zouraraki C., Karamaouna P., Cloninger C.R. (2016) Psychometric properties of the Greek TCI-R and its clinical correlates: Schizotypy and the self-regulation of affective and cognitive functioning. PeerJ, 4:e1830.
  4. Giakoumaki S.G., Roussos P., Tsapakis E.M., Koiliari E., Pasparakis E., Zouraraki C., Bitsios P. (2013) Cognitive and personality analysis of startle reactivity in a large cohort of healthy males. Biological Psychology, 94(3), 582-591.
  5. Giakoumaki S.G., Roussos P., Zouraraki C., Spanoudakis E., Mavrikaki M., Tsapakis E.M., Bitsios P. (2013) Sub-optimal parenting is associated with schizotypic and anxiety personality traits in adulthood. European Psychiatry, 28(4), 254-260.
  6. Roussos P., Bitsios P., Giakoumaki S.G., McClure M.M., Hazlett E.A., New A.S., Siever L.J. (2013) CACNA1C as a risk factor for schizotypal personality disorder and schizotypy in healthy individuals. Psychiatry Research, 206(1), 122-123.
  7. Giakoumaki S.G. (2012) Cognitive and prepulse inhibition deficits in psychometrically high schizotypal subjects in the general population: Relevance to schizophrenia research. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 18(4), 643-656.